Lake Canal Alternative Agricultural Practices and In-Stream Flow Demonstration Project

The Lake Canal Alternative Agricultural Practices Demonstration Project is a proof-of-concept of Regenesis Management Group technology which supports alternatives to permanent “buy and dry” agricultural water transfers. In partnership with Lake Canal Company, City of Fort Collins Natural Areas and The Nature Conservancy, this project intends to demonstrate how an Interruptible Water Supply Agreement (IWSA) could be used in the future to provide water for uses outside the ditch service area in a manner that does not adversely impact other water right holders. This is a Colorado Water Conservation Board Grant funded demonstration project.

Not only does the project supports our community’s strong commitment to the environment as it enhances and protects the land, water and air, but it also demonstrates the potential effectiveness of partnerships between public, private, and environmental advocacy entities to address significant water resource challenges. Through techniques such as fallowing and deficit irrigation, this project potentially provides water for the Poudre River in the late season when there is typically reduced flow. Additionally, it will identify technical, legal and social issues that need to be considered when using an IWSA for water transfers.