Flowing Forward: Sustainable Water Innovation

Innovation in the WASH sector In 2020, WIPO GREEN released a Global Challenges Brief titled Innovative Technology in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Sector. The publication focuses on innovation and technology to improve the water management process throughout its various components, including reserves replenishment, sustainable extraction, transport and distribution, as well as treatment and disposal … [Read more…]

7 New Technologies That Create Clean Water for a Thirsty World

These innovative water tech solutions can solve can all help us achieve a better future for all Water is essential for human life. So much so that the UN considers access to water a fundamental right. Part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better future for all is the call for universal access to clean … [Read more…]

Examples of Innovation in the Water Sector

Across the country there is growing momentum to address traditional and emerging threats to the nation’s water resources through innovative technology. EPA has highlighted the following examples of how innovation is currently being deployed in the water sector, organized by the 10 market opportunities defined by EPA.  Conserving and Recovering Energy  Gresham, OR Achieves Energy Net Zero … [Read more…]