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The Colorado Whole House Water Innovation Cluster was formed to stimulate development and produce more jobs in Colorado. We have fount that proper water filtration in your home can protect your body from natural contaminants that tend to seep into the water supply from surround water tables in the ground filled up with runoff from heavy rain fall. At the Colorado Whole House Water Innovation Cluster, we aim to provide proper information to all seeking help when understanding water filtration.

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The Importance Of Clean Drinking Water And How To Get It

Access to clean drinking water is essential for the health of every human being that lives on this planet. A long time ago, you could just find the purest drinking water in natural underground springs, but not anymore. We have virtually contaminated all available sources to obtain the most important resource for us.


Our bodies are composed mainly of water and represent approximately 70% of body weight. All our body organs are composed mainly of fluids. Without clean drinking water, our bodies cannot function properly.

We lose these fluids daily through respiration, perspiration, and other bodily functions. To avoid suffering through innumerable health conditions, this lost fluid must be replaced. We must get the purest drinking water possible.

The dehydration is experienced by most individuals to some extent or another every day. Most of us walk in the middle of a state of moderate and semi-stable dehydration without realizing it. That's because the symptoms we experience are quite mild at that time. We will not begin to realize the real importance of drinking clean water until the symptoms become acute, possibly fatal.

Many of the physical problems we experience every day are the result of simple levels of average dehydration. You can relieve or avoid things like headaches and joint pains or avoid them altogether by keeping our bodies completely moist. You need to drink the purest drinking water you can do during the day to keep these diseases simple.

The nervous system of the body is composed of small watercourses that flow throughout the body. When the body is in a state of mild to moderate dehydration, these nerve endings often respond by sending pain signals. Keeping a large amount of clean drinking water in your system is the best way to avoid this pain.

So, are you convinced that you need an adequate supply of the purest drinking water, but you do not know where to find it? I can promise you now that you will not find them coming out of the kitchen tap.

This is not because people who are diligent at their local treatment center do not do everything they can to provide clean drinking water because they are. They are overwhelmed by the number of different pollutants they must face each day. Unfortunately, to deal with many of these pollutants, they are forced to use chemical disinfection.

To prevent the danger posed by bacteria transported by water, such as E-Coli, chlorine must be added to water. The problem is that although it is necessary to save lives, this practice adds another lethal chemical to the water system. Hundreds of new cancer diagnoses can be traced directly to chlorine each year.

If you want to enjoy the cleanest drinking water possible, it is suggested to install a high-quality whole house water filter for the home. A system of this type would be capable of removing the harmful effects of all pollutants in the water. In this way, you can enjoy the safe and clean drinking water you need to enjoy good health.

What type of purification system works best?

It should be noted that not all filtration units are created under equal conditions. These are some of the characteristics of the best drinking water filters available:

- Uses a multi-stage filtration process to eliminate maximum contaminants. Systems that try to eliminate everything once will inevitably lose something.

- Do not remove natural minerals in the water. Minerals such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium are healthy for the body. It has been shown that prolonged consumption of mineral water leads to a lack of minerals, a higher production of free radicals and even an increased risk of cancer.

- It comes with a strong warrant. Most come with only one year or two warranty, but the best ones are a lifetime guarantee. The companies that do this are the ones that trust their products.

- Includes the appropriate certified documents to substantiate the claims. Just think about it: if accusations are made about a product, you have to do tests to prove these facts, is not it? Now, why are not these results available for potential customers to demonstrate their effectiveness unless they try to hide something?

Filtration is another option in the production of clean drinking water. The use of a filter is required to eliminate contaminants. Chemicals and parasites are far better removed, especially when using micron-free filtration, carbon filtration, and ion exchange by leaving healthy minerals in the water. They do not require energy and generally low maintenance.