Rubicon Water

Rubicon Water has developed a range of proven cleantech hardware and software solutions that sustainably improve the operation and efficiency of irrigation supply systems.

Rubicon achieves these operational and efficiency gains by combining its powerful water management and control software with the design and manufacture of irrigation automation hardware – including a wide range of automated gate, meter and SCADA products.

Rubicon’s automation and control technology lies at the heart of many modernised irrigation supply systems around the world. The result of over 15 years of research and development, this unique technology enables water authorities and rural water users to save significant amounts of water.

As water scarcity becomes a reality in many parts of the world, governments and water authorities are looking to manage their water resources more efficiently and equitably. In particular they are looking to Rubicon’s irrigation modernisation technology for sustainable, cost-effective water supply solutions.

With over 70% of the world’s fresh water consumed by irrigated agriculture, major efficiency gains in this area have the potential to save vast quantities of water. The distribution systems that manage this water often suffer from inaccurate measurement and limited control – resulting in poorly managed, inefficient systems that waste water on a large scale.

By automating the operation of these systems, Rubicon can significantly improve efficiency – resulting in water savings and greatly improved customer service. Total Channel Control is our end-to-end automation solution that utilises Rubicon’s water control gates, flow meters, management software, wireless communications networks and major breakthroughs in the modelling and control of channel dynamics.

Rubicon’s hardware and software solutions are the technology of choice for irrigation districts throughout much of Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin. Even after many years of drought in the region, efficient water management using Total Channel Control automation is facilitating sustainable irrigated agriculture, while making additional water available for urban and agricultural uses and enabling water authorities to return water to stressed river systems.

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