Rocky Mountain Innosphere

The Rocky Mountain Innosphere (RMI) is a 501c3 non-profit corporation formed to accelerate the success of high-impact scientific and technology startup companies and promote the development of a regional entrepreneurial ecosystem in Northern Colorado. RMI provides entrepreneurial startup companies with resources such as assistance with raising capital, access and connections with academic and government institutions, a network of advisors and mentors including several who are in residence, discounted professional service providers and educational and networking opportunities for realizing business success.

Rocky Mountain Innosphere looks forward to serving the Northern Colorado scientific and technology entrepreneurial community with our new state of the art office/lab/conference facility.

Colorado Clean Energy Cluster

The Colorado Clean Energy Cluster (CCEC) is an ‘enterprise to attract, incubate and grow clean energy enterprises’
The CCEC is an economic development organization aimed at growing primary jobs in Colorado in the area of clean energy through formal partnerships between clean energy companies, the public sector and higher education.

As a unique statewide organization fostering market transformation for clean energy, the CCEC is focused on innovative and entrepreneurial ways to grow the clean energy sector through actionable projects and initiatives that directly benefit Colorado clean energy companies.


Colorado Cleantech Industry Association

The Colorado Cleantech Industry Association represents the interests of the state’s cleantech industry. Our mission is to further establish Colorado as a world leader in clean technology by providing representation and advocacy, a unified voice, relevant programming and capacity development.


Imagine H2O

Imagine H2O inspires and empowers people to solve water challenges and turn them into opportunities. We offer annual prize competitions for water innovation, including the 2009 Water Efficiency Prize and 2010 Water-Energy Nexus Prize. In addition to cash prizes for the best ideas, Imagine H2O fosters an Accelerator program to help competing entrepreneurs turn their plans into game-changing real-world solutions. To learn more about Imagine H2O’s global ecosystem for water innovation and connect with water innovators from around the world, please visit their website.