Open Water Foundation

The Open Water Foundation (OWF) is a social enterprise focusing on the development of a software platform to help organizations make better decisions about water.  OWF was formed to apply an open source software business model to water resource software, so that organizations have well-maintained tools to address important water problems.  Every organization wants to base decisions on data and science yet it is cost prohibitive for any one organization to develop the needed software tools.  OWF is leading the effort to collaboratively develop, enhance, and maintain open source water resource software tools, to the benefit of government, universities, consultants, nonprofits, and the public.  In addition to developing software tools, the OWF is focusing on several initiatives to improve data access and transparency resulting in positive impacts for agriculture, environment, and municipal water resources, and applications in education.  CWIC provides an opportunity for the OWF to collaborate with leaders in water innovation, contribute to CWIC initiatives, and extend the impact of OWF’s initiatives.