Net Zero Water Initiative

Colorado Water Innovation Cluster (CWIC) & the Colorado Energy Cluster (CCEC) Spearhead the Net Zero Water Planning Template through Community Partnerships From risk management to environmental responsibility, many organizations have identified water management as an important issue to tackle. The frameworks and analytical tools for water planning, however, are less developed than those for other […]

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Watershed Innovation Network (WIN)

Optimizing Nutrient Removal through Real-time Monitoring of the Watershed CWIC is creating a world-class infrastructure to conduct state-of-the art research education and training in water related topics. The infrastructure includes cloud-based data management, analytical tools and monitoring stations at 60 different locations along the Cache la Poudre River. Researchers, educators and planners around the world […]

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Future Initiative: Optimizing Agricultural Water Use

This is CWIC’s emerging agricultural initiative which includes: Structural innovation (e.g., improved measurement, minimizing losses from overall system, improving administration of Colorado’s water) Operational innovation (e.g., retiming flows and maximizing storage) Increasing system efficiency while protecting vested water users Protection and enhancement of environment

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Future Initiative: Energy|Water Nexus

CWIC engages with the Colorado Clean Energy Cluster (CCEC) on potential future initiatives Through CCEC and CWIC collaborations, Colorado can lead in the Energy|Water Nexus space. The intersection of energy and water, the Energy|Water Nexus, includes a host of issues and opportunities that are critical to the long-term economic and environmental sustainability of these mutually […]

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Former Initiative: Lake Canal

Lake Canal was an initiative of CWIC in 2011 and 2012 and was an alternative agricultural practices and In-Stream Flow Demonstration Project The Lake Canal Alternative Agricultural Practices Demonstration Project is a proof-of-concept of Regenesis Management Group technology which supports alternatives to permanent “buy and dry” agricultural water transfers. In partnership with Lake Canal Company, […]

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Have an Initiative for the Water Cluster? Download the application form here:

This form is intended to gather initial information about your proposed initiative, evaluate its alignment with Water Innovation Cluster goals, and assess our potential role(s) in partnering together. The Executive Committee of the Water Innovation Cluster will rank and prioritize applications based on alignment with the cluster’s goals. Click HERE to download the application form.

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91 percent of water withdrawn in Colorado is used for agricultural purpose

Every foot of water withdrawn along the Front Range generates $132,000 in sales of goods and services.

"investor and corporate interest in water seems to be at an all-time high." Source: Cleantech Group LLC

The United States uses about 346,000 million gallons of fresh water every day